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Ball Spline
Large load capacity Mining precision grinding the ball rolling grooves forming, and Gothic arch 40 ° angle to the contact, the contact angle is large, both in the radial direction and the direction of torque having a large load capacity. The direction of rotation of zero clearance By using a contact angle of 40 ° relative 2 to 4 rows of the row of balls, the spline shaft and the spline outer cylinder combination, and by adjusting the preload, so that the rotational direction of the gap may be zero. A high degree of sensitivity Adopt special design of the steel ball contact point, more sensitivity, in addition to the high rigidity of the outer and reduce the waste of energy. High rigidity As the contact angle is large, it has a high rigidity, and the visual situation Shi Jiaqia when the preload, it is possible to obtain a higher torsional stiffness, torque rigidity. Simple assembly As a result of the particular design, even if the spline outer cylinder is detached from the spline shaft, ball will not fall off. Therefore assembly, maintenance, inspection and are easy to carry out.
Linear Guide
FeatureHigh StabilityTBI MOTION Linear Guide block designed under TBI’s exclusive patent can increase depth of material to improve the strength capacity and prevent from deflection as high stability.High DurabilityTBI MOTION The exclusive contact point design promotes high rigidity. Moreover, self-aligning balances load rating in all directions. This design also improves performance in running accuracy and service life of the Linear Guide.Easy Installation with InterchangeabilityTBI MOTION Linear Guide by TBI is easy for installation even without fixture. The design of seal is combinable either for side seal or inner seal to save material.
igle Aixs Actuator
The combination of ball screw and linear guide makes possible simple installation, shorter replacement time, and longer service life. As a result, the KP Single Axis Actuator series was chosen for economic reasons. It features convenient installation, speed assembly, high rigidity, small size, etc. Moreover, it saves time and space for clients. Loads from all Directions The contact face of ball and groove is designed to be 45� and can bearthe same rated load of any typeof installation,radially, reverse-radially or laterally. High Rigidity The Ansys optimized U-Rail track design allows the track to be lightweight and to demonstrate higher rigidity at cantilever load, in order to achieve a perfect balance between rigidity and volume. High Accuracy, Saving Space The variable loading helps achieve minimizing the frictional resistance damage.Therefore, satisfying a high accuracy demand. A combination of the nut with the slide makes space saving and an optimized allocation possible.



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TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products in Taiwan, possessing critical core technology and concentrating on product research and innovative design. Our products are under patent design with ISO 9001:2008 certification and now distributors have been established all over the world since 1986. With “Outstanding quality, high capacity”, we are well recognized in the market.


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